Nuclear Power? I Say Yes.

For everyone out there screaming and crying about the dangers of  building new nuclear power plants here in the United States, I have a few suggestions to calm your fears:

#1 Don't build a nuclear power plant on an island
#2 Don't build a nuclear power plant on a fault line

For the first time in my lifetime, the United States government is strongly considering the approval of new nuclear power plants. It would create thousands of jobs and provide enormous amounts of power. To learn from the mistakes in Japan, we must focus on safety and technology, to keep the chances of an accident at a minimum.

But, if we are all going to live in fear about accidents...then lets just stop making cars, airplanes, trains, bridges, etc...anything that could possibly hurt or kill us.

And now, a sensible look at nuclear power from Penn & Teller.


Give It Up For Greg Giraldo

After watching the moving and funny special for Greg Giraldo on Comedy Central tonight, I had to post what is maybe the funniest five minutes in comedy history...his set at the Roast of Larry the Cable Guy. Enjoy! And...RIP Greg Giraldo.


I'm not BiPolar...I'm BiWinning!!!

I've got #tigerblood, and I am on #teamsheen!!! Everyone should be awake.


Johnny Knoxville Shows How Gen X (and Y) is Rebuilding Detroit in the New Documentary "Detroit Lives"

 Part 1

Has Ron Paul Reached You Yet?

This video was made during the 2008 Presidential Campaign...but it is even MORE relevant for his 2012 Presidential run. We are still in two illegal wars, and we are still policing the world. We have trillions in debt, and our foreign policy is blowing up in our faces. Has Ron Paul reached you yet? For more information on Dr. Paul, go to Libertypac.com or Dailypaul.com