30 Day Song Challenge-Day 25 "A Song That Makes You Laugh"

Two reasons it makes me laugh: it's the intro music to Nick Swardson's comedy special "Seriously, Who Farted?" and...the lyrics are hilarious.
Bonus Features: nice beat and Simon Rex rapping.


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 21 "A Song You Listen to When You are Happy"

I have been known to dance around my apartment, singing this song at the top of my lungs.


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 20 "A Song You Listen to When You are Angry"

I don't hardly ever get angry...but when I do, this would be a song I'd listen to.


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 19 "A Song from your Favorite Album"

I wanted to post the entire album! Every song is so great. But, I went with "Us & Them" from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon....an album that I listen to over and over and over...


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 17 "A Song That You Often Hear on the Radio"

I don't listen to music on the radio...I'm a talk radio girl. And, the opening them to my favorite radio talk show "The Jason Lewis Show" is this...


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 16 "A Song That You Used to Love, But Now You Hate"

Sorry...but anthems and pledges aren't something I think should be in a free society.However, hate is a strong word...used to love but now extremely dislike.



For Liberty-2012 Edition

Voicemail From the Past-1980's Style

Drama on the Mannequin set...circa 1987. Priceless. Click the picture to hear voicemail from 1980's Hollywood Super Agent Warren Klein.

30 Day Song Challenge-Day 10 "A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep"

Don't know if it's her voice, or the piano...but this song is comforting.


PA Restaurant Bans Kids Under 6! The Free Market At Work.

As a former waitress and a single woman with no kids, I can honestly say...the next time I am in Pennsylvania, I will be eating at this place. Maybe this will start a trend. Click the picture for the full story.

P.S. Business has improved

30 Day Song Challenge-Day 9 "A Song You Can Dance To"

Put your dancing shoes on and turn it up to 11.


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 8 "A Song You Know All the Words To"

I could have picked hundreds of songs. But, I figured I would go with something I still remember 24 years later.


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 7 "A Song That Reminds You of a Certain Event"

This is one of my earliest memories. My first dance recital when I was 6. The older girls were doing the COOLEST dance routine to this song. I was so jealous. But, I still looked good in my tutu and danced ballet to some lame song I don't remember.


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 6 "A Song That Reminds You of Somewhere"

Rolling down Naismith on my way to the Dole building on the KU campus, in my sweet Chevy Corsica...Rock Chalk.


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 5 "A Song That Reminds You of Someone"

1994. A Chevy Nova. Truman Auditorium. Drama Club. Boys. Marlboro Lights. This is for the bestest friend a 16 year old girl could ever have.


I Like This Idea...How About 2012 Being the Year of the "Blue Republican"?

Robin Koerner wrote an amazing piece today at the Huffington Post. Whether you are a Republican, Independent, or Democrat...the primaries are the time to be a "blue republican".

Put another way, when it comes to such things as the killing of innocent people, taking from the common man to support cronies, and the elimination of the basic values that make our lives worth living, we had the hope, but we haven't had the change.

Click on the link for the full story.

30 Day Song Challenge-Day 3 "A Song That Makes You Happy"

Do I really need to explain why this song makes me happy?


MSNBC Forgets Someone

This morning on MSNBC's Morning Joe, the topic was Republican Presidential candidate fundraising for the 2nd quarter. Here is a screenshot during the discussion. You may not know, but someone was left out.

For the record, Ron Paul was in 2nd place with an estimated total of $4.6 million. Seriously, what is it with the media blackout?

30 Day Song Challenge-Day 2 "Your Least Favorite Song"

This was a really tough choice for me. I hate a lot of songs. But, this could quite possibly be the worst song ever written.


The Declaration of Independents!

This is how we get rid of the status quo. No more Republicans, no more Democrats. It's the age of the independent!

30 Day Song Challenge-Day 1 "Your Favorite Song"

Take the 30 day song challenge with me! I will be looking forward to your comments each day. My favorite song is Queen & David Bowie's "Under Pressure". What's yours?


I'm Not A Douche, I'm a Revolutionary!

Christopher Titus has a new comedy special called "Neverlution".

If you don't laugh at the events of the last decade, you will cry. This weekend on Comedy Central, comedian Christopher Titus (who barely makes it into Gen X, born in 1964) hilariously vents about the huge buzz-kill known as the 21st century. Let's face it, this century's first decade was not a great one for our country. And, as Titus points out, this is the first true hardship our generation has ever faced. Those of us in Gen X who grew up partying like it was 1999, got a rude awakening starting in December of 2000. From George W. Bush being "elected" president to the current recession...and everything in between...Titus brings a witty, observational viewpoint to many of the problems we have faced in the past 10 years. He also brings forward his ideas for how to fix things...and it doesn't involve giving trophies to losers.

Set your DVR. I am sure Comedy Central will be replaying it at some point. Who doesn't need a 90 minute laugh?


This is a joke, right? I think I may need to invest in a Weight Watchers franchise.

An ABC "news" panel discusses the Constitution and if the government can force the obese to lose weight. I have lost my voice from screaming at the television. If I didn't love my HDTV so much, I would have punched it while watching this conversation.
People, we are in trouble.