Jon Stewart Calls Out The Media For Ignoring Ron Paul

On Sunday morning, Jon Stewart woke up to a cornucopia of material to write into Monday’s program: Tim Pawlenty’s sad campaign goodbye, Rep. Michele Bachmann’s straw poll victory, Rick Perry’s vasectomy entry into the race. He somehow covered all his bases and then some tonight: finding plenty of time for the one thing the media didn’t cover: the fact that Rep. Ron Paul has emerged as a top-tier candidate in 2012.

Read the full story from Mediaite HERE.


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 28 "A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty"

We send these kids to fight wars for bankers and oligarchs. Meanwhile, the families suffer and our country is less safe. Time to bring the troops home.


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 27 "A Song You Wish You Could Play On An Instrument"

I chose this one for the piano at the end (because that's the instrument I play)...but, I'd also love to rock this on guitar (in my wildest dreams).


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 25 "A Song That Makes You Laugh"

Two reasons it makes me laugh: it's the intro music to Nick Swardson's comedy special "Seriously, Who Farted?" and...the lyrics are hilarious.
Bonus Features: nice beat and Simon Rex rapping.


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 21 "A Song You Listen to When You are Happy"

I have been known to dance around my apartment, singing this song at the top of my lungs.


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 20 "A Song You Listen to When You are Angry"

I don't hardly ever get angry...but when I do, this would be a song I'd listen to.


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 19 "A Song from your Favorite Album"

I wanted to post the entire album! Every song is so great. But, I went with "Us & Them" from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon....an album that I listen to over and over and over...


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 17 "A Song That You Often Hear on the Radio"

I don't listen to music on the radio...I'm a talk radio girl. And, the opening them to my favorite radio talk show "The Jason Lewis Show" is this...


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 16 "A Song That You Used to Love, But Now You Hate"

Sorry...but anthems and pledges aren't something I think should be in a free society.However, hate is a strong word...used to love but now extremely dislike.



For Liberty-2012 Edition

Voicemail From the Past-1980's Style

Drama on the Mannequin set...circa 1987. Priceless. Click the picture to hear voicemail from 1980's Hollywood Super Agent Warren Klein.

30 Day Song Challenge-Day 10 "A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep"

Don't know if it's her voice, or the piano...but this song is comforting.


PA Restaurant Bans Kids Under 6! The Free Market At Work.

As a former waitress and a single woman with no kids, I can honestly say...the next time I am in Pennsylvania, I will be eating at this place. Maybe this will start a trend. Click the picture for the full story.

P.S. Business has improved

30 Day Song Challenge-Day 9 "A Song You Can Dance To"

Put your dancing shoes on and turn it up to 11.


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 8 "A Song You Know All the Words To"

I could have picked hundreds of songs. But, I figured I would go with something I still remember 24 years later.


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 7 "A Song That Reminds You of a Certain Event"

This is one of my earliest memories. My first dance recital when I was 6. The older girls were doing the COOLEST dance routine to this song. I was so jealous. But, I still looked good in my tutu and danced ballet to some lame song I don't remember.


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 6 "A Song That Reminds You of Somewhere"

Rolling down Naismith on my way to the Dole building on the KU campus, in my sweet Chevy Corsica...Rock Chalk.


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 5 "A Song That Reminds You of Someone"

1994. A Chevy Nova. Truman Auditorium. Drama Club. Boys. Marlboro Lights. This is for the bestest friend a 16 year old girl could ever have.


I Like This Idea...How About 2012 Being the Year of the "Blue Republican"?

Robin Koerner wrote an amazing piece today at the Huffington Post. Whether you are a Republican, Independent, or Democrat...the primaries are the time to be a "blue republican".

Put another way, when it comes to such things as the killing of innocent people, taking from the common man to support cronies, and the elimination of the basic values that make our lives worth living, we had the hope, but we haven't had the change.

Click on the link for the full story.

30 Day Song Challenge-Day 3 "A Song That Makes You Happy"

Do I really need to explain why this song makes me happy?


MSNBC Forgets Someone

This morning on MSNBC's Morning Joe, the topic was Republican Presidential candidate fundraising for the 2nd quarter. Here is a screenshot during the discussion. You may not know, but someone was left out.

For the record, Ron Paul was in 2nd place with an estimated total of $4.6 million. Seriously, what is it with the media blackout?

30 Day Song Challenge-Day 2 "Your Least Favorite Song"

This was a really tough choice for me. I hate a lot of songs. But, this could quite possibly be the worst song ever written.


The Declaration of Independents!

This is how we get rid of the status quo. No more Republicans, no more Democrats. It's the age of the independent!

30 Day Song Challenge-Day 1 "Your Favorite Song"

Take the 30 day song challenge with me! I will be looking forward to your comments each day. My favorite song is Queen & David Bowie's "Under Pressure". What's yours?


I'm Not A Douche, I'm a Revolutionary!

Christopher Titus has a new comedy special called "Neverlution".

If you don't laugh at the events of the last decade, you will cry. This weekend on Comedy Central, comedian Christopher Titus (who barely makes it into Gen X, born in 1964) hilariously vents about the huge buzz-kill known as the 21st century. Let's face it, this century's first decade was not a great one for our country. And, as Titus points out, this is the first true hardship our generation has ever faced. Those of us in Gen X who grew up partying like it was 1999, got a rude awakening starting in December of 2000. From George W. Bush being "elected" president to the current recession...and everything in between...Titus brings a witty, observational viewpoint to many of the problems we have faced in the past 10 years. He also brings forward his ideas for how to fix things...and it doesn't involve giving trophies to losers.

Set your DVR. I am sure Comedy Central will be replaying it at some point. Who doesn't need a 90 minute laugh?


This is a joke, right? I think I may need to invest in a Weight Watchers franchise.

An ABC "news" panel discusses the Constitution and if the government can force the obese to lose weight. I have lost my voice from screaming at the television. If I didn't love my HDTV so much, I would have punched it while watching this conversation.
People, we are in trouble.


A Personal Appeal From Ron Paul-You Can't Defeat the Message of Liberty!

Just Another Reason To Be Pissed at the Boomers.

I understand when older people get all bent out of shape when there is talk about changing Medicare or Social Security. The Boomers and their parents all based their financial lives on the promise of those programs taking care of them in their golden years. And, I don't think anyone disagrees that those 50 and older should not have their Medicare or Social Security touched.

What I don't understand, is why they would not want Gen X citizens (and those behind us) to have the opportunity to change the Medicare and Social Security system for our generation, or opt out of them all together. A Pew Research Poll recently revealed that current Boomers don't want ANY changes to Medicare...not for them, or anyone else! More details at Reason. What Boomers don't seem to understand, is that our generation already knows that Medicare & Social Security won't be there for us, and are making plans accordingly. But, if our current politicians look at these polls, and keep listening to the people that vote right now(the seniors), their influence is going to hinder any progress we can make right now in regards to our current economic woes and our future debt obligations.

Why is it that once a program is created, it NEVER sunsets? Previous generations can just pass legislation and financial obligations on to the future generations, and we get no say in whether or not it should continue? I just can't figure out why we are in so much debt.

Rockin' In the Free World

Libertarians Discussing the Impact of American Pop Culture...My Dream Come True!
Former MTV VJ's Kennedy and Kurt Loder, along with Reason's Matt Welch talk with John Stossel about the impact of American pop culture on our freedom and foreign relations.


The Constitution is not a Doormat!!

Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich tells it like it is today on the floor of the House. We must keep our government from putting our generation further into debt and sending us to fight in endless wars.


More Disappearing Brands

247_logo_first.JPG24/7 Wall St. has created a new list of brands that they predict will disappear within the next 18 months. They have a pretty decent record. Last year's list included T-Mobile and Blockbuster.

This new list includes a few surprises, including Sony and Saab. Looks like my Playstation is gonna be completely obsolete after all. Click on any of the logos to go to the full story.

President Obama Talks Afghanistan

As I listen to President Obama talk about the troops in Afghanistan tonight, I can't help but think about Candidate Obama in 2007. At this point, it is simply impossible to believe anything the man says.

It is clear, the only person who is going to bring an end to these wars is Ron Paul.


What is Legal Plunder?

The Philosophy of Liberty...made by the Foundation for a Free Society. This is how you teach economics and law.


Bilderberg Group Meeting in Switzerland

Since before we were born, this group has been meeting annually to discuss the fate of the world. The Bilderberg Group, consisting of various world political and business leaders, is meeting this weekend in Switzerland. InfoWars is reporting that Swiss officials are calling for the arrest of Henry Kissinger. More links and information about the meeting available at Drudge Report and InfoWars.

Gen X: Hope you love to work! At this rate, I will retire in 2058.

I don't really need to add much to this...it pretty much says it all. Click the picture for the full story.

Retire at 80?
Retire at 80? Gen X stuck in work force.


What if the Chinese Had Military Bases In America?

As a member of Generation X, I have lived with America's current foreign policy my whole life. Constant wars (cold, undeclared, or otherwise), the propping up of dictators, ridiculous amounts of foreign aid, the constant building of American military bases (we have over 900 around the world), and "NATO" actions have all been commonplace for someone like me.

However, like many in my generation, I do not agree with these policies. What if a country like China imposed on us what we do to others? The golden rule comes to mind here. I applaud my generation for looking at things not just from the "American" viewpoint, but also seeing things through the eyes of others.

If the world is going to improve, we must look to ourselves and our own actions first.


Remember, All the World's A Stage

              As Americans rejoice upon hearing the news of Osama Bin Laden's death...we must remember that all the world's a stage.


Atlas Shrugged Part One-A Review From An Actual Ayn Rand Loving Libertarian

Today was the day that many libertarians like myself have been waiting for...Atlas Shrugged has made it to the big screen. Well, part one has made it. The book is nearly 1200 pages, so one movie was not an option. (Part 2 is scheduled to be released 4/15/2012, Part 3 on 4/15/2013) The book was published in 1957, and continues to be a best seller to this day. However, Hollywood has never attempted to bring it to the big screen...and it still hasn't. This film was the production of independent, libertarian businessman John Aglialoro, who was passionate about bringing this story to theaters. The story, an exciting and dramatic ode to individualism, was Ayn Rand's attempt to explain her objectivist philosophy in the context of a world where achievement is clearly undervalued. Unfortunately, it is an enormous task to bring philosophy to the masses...especially the current American masses.

The movie begins in 2016 with Dagny Taggart running Taggart Transcontinental, the largest remaining railroad company in America, along with her brother James. Dagny, the true brains behind the operation, teams up with Hank Rearden of Rearden Steel to use the untested Rearden Metal, to rebuild the critical Taggart rail line in Colorado and pave the way for oil titan Ellis Wyatt to build a new American Renaissance. The pair face enormous challenges from the government, friends, and their own families, while discovering a love for one another.

First, let's focus on the positives. The cast was really good. Taylor Schilling as Dagny Taggart and Grant Bowler as Hank Rearden were excellent choices, and they each gave convincing performances. It is a difficult thing to come across as a smart, confident business person, while at the same time not seeming cold and heartless. It's a dynamic that is hard for some to understand, because of the constant reminders in the media of the "evil rich".

Even though the performances from the cast were very strong, the production value did not match up. I understand this movie was made on a limited budget, but it felt as though they tried to do too much with the budget they had. The result was a movie that looked like it belonged on the SyFy Channel instead of the big screen. (Think "Giant Shark V MegaOctopus" or whatever that silly film was called) It seemed as though the producers spent all their money on big aerial shots in Colorado, instead of focusing on the details of a scene.

This leads me to the biggest disappointment of the film: the screenplay. Seriously, what were the producers thinking? The MOST important thing about this entire production was the screenplay, and it was simply awful.

I was lucky, I have read the book. But, for someone who is unfamiliar with the story, this movie would be confusing and difficult to enjoy. It is so weird, some scenes were brilliant and some were just this side of torture. The voice of Ayn Rand did not shine through as it should have. The objectivist philosophy was not clearly communicated. And the simple story structure was close to embarrassing. The film does not set up the story world in a proper way and the "media reports" to help move the story along were simply absurd.

I didn't hate it, by any means. But, I was disappointed. In the movie's defense, it would be impossible to make everyone happy...but, what I am afraid is that it won't make anyone happy. It simply needed a bigger budget, better production value, and a new screenwriter. Hopefully, part two will be better. You know I will see it the day it comes out. Because, when it comes down to it, the story is more important than the production. And if the movie brings more attention to Ayn Rand and Objectivist theory, then I am a happy libertarian and movie goer.


Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza Starts Monday on GSN!

I confess to watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? twice each night, rerun style. So, I am anxiously waiting for Drew Carey's new improv show starting next week on GSN. Here is a preview.


One Shining Moment-The Original

I am mad that my Jayhawks were missing from this year's "One Shining Moment" montage at the end of the NCAA Tournament. However, I am even more ticked off that CBS feels the need to keep changing the song. I miss the original...with the piano intro. It was so much better. Here is the original from 1987.


Nuclear Power? I Say Yes.

For everyone out there screaming and crying about the dangers of  building new nuclear power plants here in the United States, I have a few suggestions to calm your fears:

#1 Don't build a nuclear power plant on an island
#2 Don't build a nuclear power plant on a fault line

For the first time in my lifetime, the United States government is strongly considering the approval of new nuclear power plants. It would create thousands of jobs and provide enormous amounts of power. To learn from the mistakes in Japan, we must focus on safety and technology, to keep the chances of an accident at a minimum.

But, if we are all going to live in fear about accidents...then lets just stop making cars, airplanes, trains, bridges, etc...anything that could possibly hurt or kill us.

And now, a sensible look at nuclear power from Penn & Teller.


Give It Up For Greg Giraldo

After watching the moving and funny special for Greg Giraldo on Comedy Central tonight, I had to post what is maybe the funniest five minutes in comedy history...his set at the Roast of Larry the Cable Guy. Enjoy! And...RIP Greg Giraldo.


I'm not BiPolar...I'm BiWinning!!!

I've got #tigerblood, and I am on #teamsheen!!! Everyone should be awake.


Johnny Knoxville Shows How Gen X (and Y) is Rebuilding Detroit in the New Documentary "Detroit Lives"

 Part 1

Has Ron Paul Reached You Yet?

This video was made during the 2008 Presidential Campaign...but it is even MORE relevant for his 2012 Presidential run. We are still in two illegal wars, and we are still policing the world. We have trillions in debt, and our foreign policy is blowing up in our faces. Has Ron Paul reached you yet? For more information on Dr. Paul, go to Libertypac.com or Dailypaul.com


Why Isn't Wall Street In Jail?

Gen X writer Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone magazine has written a fantastic piece in this month's issue called Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? As he explains "Financial crooks brought down the world's economy — but the feds are doing more to protect them than to prosecute them". How long are we going to let these people steal from our generation before we do something?

Click the picture to read the entire article.


Muse Rocks Uprising at the 2011 Grammys

Burning Federal Reserve Notes, falling banks and world leaders, and a call for revolution. What more could you want from a Grammy performance? If you haven't bought The Resistance or Black Hole & Revelations...go get them or download them...now!

Muse - Uprising: 2011 Grammy's
Uploaded by Viperous_Fox. - Music videos, artist interviews, concerts and more.

Muse-The United States of Eurasia


Kevin Smith Writes a New (and Improved) Kind of Horror Film with "Red State"

2011 Sundance Film Festival-Kevin Smith Writes a New Kind of Horror Film with "Red State"
By Alex Reagan

When the list of films showing at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival was announced last fall, the one movie I wanted to see more than any other was Kevin Smith's Red State. At the time, I did not realize I would have to get up at 4:30 in the morning to catch a Monday 8:30 a.m. showing. But, sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the things you love. I love movies.


Sundance Film Festival 2011-Day One

OK. I was planning on seeing movies today...but it was impossible. Thousands of people, inches of snowfall, and too many premieres...so my friend Amy and I spent the day walking around and checking things out. But, no worries, I will be in the theater for Red State Monday morning at 8 am!!! Until my first review is written, here are a list of things I learned today and some pics.

#1 Don't bring your baby to a film festival. Especially one that takes place in a mountain town with 2 feet of snow on the ground. Hint: people don't want to accomodate your stroller on the shuttle bus. We are all way too close to begin with. Baby accessories do not help.

#2 Lighting up a cigarette will ensure that your shuttle bus will show up within 60 seconds.

#3 James Franco is awesome. He created an art installation at the New Frontier exhibit called "Three's Company: The Drama". As Amy and I sat on the re-created Three's Company set, we watched James Franco examine the narrative and characters of the pilot episode. I wish I could explain it better, but you just had to be there.


"Perfect Couples" is Far From Perfect

With another example of how far removed Hollywood is from real life, NBC brings its latest addition to the Thursday night comedy lineup: Perfect Couples. The premise of this half hour comedy focuses on three Gen X couples at various stages in their relationships, yet miraculously facing similar problems.

The "couples" feature the infantile and annoying Vance & Amy, the ridiculously shallow and clueless Rex & Leigh, and the "aren't we witty and cute?" couple Dave & Julia. Each character and couple dynamic is a sad attempt at stereotyping and a lazy attempt at comedy . Game night turns into a make-out party which turns into one of the couples getting in a fight. But, the night is not without a Ryan Seacrest joke AND an American Idol gag.

On top of the ridiculous characters, the premise is that everyone is employed, living in nice homes, and wearing designer clothes while worrying about not going dancing and unwanted trips to Napa Valley. Isn't it so fun to live in California?

It amazes me how NBC can feature such smart comedies like 30 Rock, Community, and Parks & Recreation...and then turn around and put something like this on the air. While I appreciate the attempt at a comedy not focused on raising children or dealing with your old parents, this show falls way short of being added to my DVR series list. Thanks Perfect Couples, but I will stick with How I Met Your Mother for my thirtysomething couples humor. That show has characters I can identify with and love getting to know more about each week.


Andy & Pee Wee's Night Out

Wow. Pee Wee Herman. The re-creation of the Tequila scene from Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Anderson Cooper. Chairry, Conky, and Pterri in an intervention. Last night's SNL Digital Short was a Gen X-travaganza! Shots!!


Suspicious Behavior At Your Local Walmart

When DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano made the call for Americans to report suspicious activity at their local Walmart, one person took her request to heart...here is the result. Simply brilliant.


Ted Nugent + Roseanne Barr=Entertainment

Watch Ted Nugent school Roseanne Barr in this lively political debate. It was entertaining. However, I think it is crap to only allow "celebrities" on TV to debate and give their political opinions. I would love to watch a show where ordinary people debate political philosphy and policy. Or...maybe a reality show where two groups of people live under different types of governments or economic systems for a few months and see what happens. A "political survivor" if you will. That would be reality TV I could watch.


Stephen Colbert, Ron Paul, & Gold

Last night on the Colbert Report, the first part of the show was all about gold. Obviously, when it's time to talk gold, it's time to talk to...Ron Paul! Check out the story "Gold Faithful" at Colbert Nation...just click the picture!


June 17, 1994 Do You Remember Where You Were?

Last night on ESPN2, I watched the 30 for 30 film June 17, 1994.  It was, quite possibly, one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. No sitdown interviews. No narration. This film, directed by Brett Morgen, features carefully edited footage from this epic day in sports. This day featured the NBA Finals, Arnold Palmer's last round at the US Open, The NY Rangers Stanely Cup victory parade, the opening day of the World Cup, and...oh yeah, the OJ Simpson Bronco chase. On one of the most memorable days in pop culture and sports history, we witnessed the birth of reality television and the evolution of ESPN into a sports "entertainment" network.

Gen X (and Y)-Get Out Your Checkbook

I think the title of this post dates me...I should've called it "Get Out Your Debit Card". Either way, get ready to take on more financial burden, while at the same time not expecting any benefits.

For the 8 out of 10 of us that still have a job, get ready to pay. Starting in 2011, over 7,000 baby boomers per day will be joining the Medicare system.

LBJ signing Medicare into law

Here's a nice little nugget from an article in medicalnewstoday.com

"Put simply, costs are rising too fast for Medicare taxes to cover everything. A couple of baby boomers who reach retirement and had paid $114,000 in Medicare payroll taxes will typically require medical care costs exceeding $350,000."
You were hoping for Obamacare? Good luck. Do you think healthcare is a right? Think again. You can't demand a right to someone else's service. But, that's a blog post for another day.