I'm Not A Douche, I'm a Revolutionary!

Christopher Titus has a new comedy special called "Neverlution".

If you don't laugh at the events of the last decade, you will cry. This weekend on Comedy Central, comedian Christopher Titus (who barely makes it into Gen X, born in 1964) hilariously vents about the huge buzz-kill known as the 21st century. Let's face it, this century's first decade was not a great one for our country. And, as Titus points out, this is the first true hardship our generation has ever faced. Those of us in Gen X who grew up partying like it was 1999, got a rude awakening starting in December of 2000. From George W. Bush being "elected" president to the current recession...and everything in between...Titus brings a witty, observational viewpoint to many of the problems we have faced in the past 10 years. He also brings forward his ideas for how to fix things...and it doesn't involve giving trophies to losers.

Set your DVR. I am sure Comedy Central will be replaying it at some point. Who doesn't need a 90 minute laugh?


  1. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    The first video was pretty good, though I disagree on a couple things, about it being a recent decent of America. I believe I posted some videos and articles on my Facebook page, a little over a month ago, concerning the down turn of American Public Schools, and the history of it. The second thing I disagree with him on was the economic downturn, which has been a slow and steady event, with a big shocker and a few bumps in order for the politicians and banksters to take more control of our Individual Sovereignty. Other then that I have to agree with him. Sorry, I am not a GenXr, born in 1962. Warren @Battleforce3327

  2. you don't have to be a Gen X'er to comment! :)