Jon Stewart Calls Out The Media For Ignoring Ron Paul

On Sunday morning, Jon Stewart woke up to a cornucopia of material to write into Monday’s program: Tim Pawlenty’s sad campaign goodbye, Rep. Michele Bachmann’s straw poll victory, Rick Perry’s vasectomy entry into the race. He somehow covered all his bases and then some tonight: finding plenty of time for the one thing the media didn’t cover: the fact that Rep. Ron Paul has emerged as a top-tier candidate in 2012.

Read the full story from Mediaite HERE.


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 28 "A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty"

We send these kids to fight wars for bankers and oligarchs. Meanwhile, the families suffer and our country is less safe. Time to bring the troops home.


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 27 "A Song You Wish You Could Play On An Instrument"

I chose this one for the piano at the end (because that's the instrument I play)...but, I'd also love to rock this on guitar (in my wildest dreams).


30 Day Song Challenge-Day 25 "A Song That Makes You Laugh"

Two reasons it makes me laugh: it's the intro music to Nick Swardson's comedy special "Seriously, Who Farted?" and...the lyrics are hilarious.
Bonus Features: nice beat and Simon Rex rapping.