Religion & Generation X

This week the Scientific American reported the findings of a recent study that claimed Generation X is more loyal to religion than baby boomers.

My experience as a Gen X'er has been quite opposite of this study's findings. My twenties featured an evolution from evangelical christian to cynical atheist. Maybe it's just the circles I run in, but I don't know anyone that goes to church regularly.

I am interested to know if I am missing something here...are Gen X'ers really church-going religious followers? That doesn't seem to fit with our age group. But, I could be wrong. Religion tends to exclude, not include. For an accepting, tolerant generation such as ours...being loyal to a religious doctrine seems like a conflicting behavior.


  1. You know one person that goes regularly...but I'm not so sure if I do it for me or because I don't want to disappoint the parents.

  2. Disappointing parents is something to consider. But, if your parents love you, they should accept you no matter if you go to church or not. I just can't live my life based on a doctrine I don't believe or one that makes me feel bad or sinful about my desires.

    Religion should be something you believe in for you...not for someone else.