So the Republicans may win the Midterm Elections...So What? Who Cares?

Call me negative, but I don't understand what all the fuss is about. It's just hard for me to get excited about elections anymore. So recent polls are indicating the Republicans are on the path to quite a victory this November...big deal. Unless major party leadership is voted out on BOTH sides, it really doesn't make any difference.

Remember when people thought Barack Obama was going to be different from George W. Bush? Hilarious. I love that people fell for that. My libertarian eyeballs saw they were two sides of the same coin. Both guys love spending government money and flexing American muscle overseas. I am willing to bet our country wouldn't look much different if McCain would've won. The spending would have just been dispersed a little differently. Oh, but one is a Republican and the other is a Democrat...they have to be different, right? If you believe that I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you. (That is a rare country music nod on this blog...my short residency in Texas did expose me to George Strait)

I guess one of the perks of having the Republicans back as the majority in Congress is they can bring this Obama spending spree to a hault...kind of. They will say they oppose his spending and budgets due to principal, but we all know when they have the checkbook they like to spend themselves. Again, the disagreement is what to spend the money on.

What I think is important to focus on is not the letter by the winning candidate's name, but the actual philosophies he/she believes in. Having a Rand Paul in the Senate is not the same as an Orrin Hatch. Having a Ron Paul or Jason Chaffetz in the House is not the same as a John Boehner. I hate that Libertarians have to run incognito in the two major parties, but the system has been craftily built to make running as a third party candidate impossible. So, the change has to come from the inside...which is the part that really sucks. There are a few of us that are lucky enough to have freedom-minded representatives, but most of us do not. What is it going to take to get Constitutution focused people representing citizens in all states?

So, the Republicans may become the majority again in 2010. The question is: are we going to get another silly Contract with America or will some new philosophies start to be represented in Washington D.C.?

In 2008, I thought freedom was popular...but was very disappointed with the election outcomes. Hopefully, 2010 will be different...and 2012 will be revolutionary!


  1. So true. WHO CARES? We aren't even lucky enough any more to have the good old days, where we got to choose between a free market republican who wanted to take away or personal freedoms, and a democrat, who upheld our personal freedoms but wanted to destroy our right to property. So now we have this: everyone, taking away our rights to property. Are the republicans any better than the democrats? Not as I see it. They just may be worse, at least nowadays.

    So, as it stands, neither side is better than the other. Both roads lead to hell.

    This is why I do not think about or fret over politics any more. I would rather spend my time in something more productive, like blogging about Depeche Mode, or staring at the wall.

  2. I think you are my philosophical soulmate! :)

  3. Well thank goodness there are two of us in the world!