Owned! Alan Dershowitz Teaches Mike Huckabee about the Bible

Statistics show that less than 10% of people who claim to be Christians have actually read the entire Bible. Conversely, the majority of Atheists say they have read the religious text. My question is: How can someone base their life and entire belief system on something they've never read? How do they even know what the Bible says if they haven't actually read it?

As it turns out, Jews seem to read the Bible more than Christians, too. At least, in the case of Alan Dershowitz and Mike Huckabee. I don't know if Huckabee has read the entire Bible or not...but judging by this clip, I would say the answer is "no".


  1. Love it! I'm sure your question was rhetorical, but, if we encourage people to actually read the Bible, then they some will disagree with it and/or their pastors/priests/dogma, etc. It's hard to be a shepherd if you make all of your sheep shepherds, too.

  2. Absolutely agree. I grew up Christian, but after reading the Bible, became Agnostic.
    I find it offensive that right-wing Christians sit in church and hear the weekly "sermon", when all they are doing is hearing their pastor's viewpoint of whatever verse he has picked to talk about. Then, they try to take these uneducated viewpoints and turn them into public policy.
    I have found that many in Gen X have had the same journey as myself, and have come up with the same conclusions.