This Isn't the Tea Party I Signed Up For...I'm a Lost Libertarian Once Again

Really? I mean, Really? This is just ridiculous.

I had such high hopes three years ago. Back in 2007, I joined the Ron Paul presidential campaign, because I felt he reflected my political views more closely than anyone else running for President. Back then, we were called crazy and told small government views wouldn't work. But, we continued to work hard to raise money, canvass neighborhoods, and become delegates. I loved working on the Campaign for Liberty. We funded the original tea party money bomb back in December of 2007 as a way to bring attention to our freedom cause.

Obviously, Dr. Paul didn't become president, and our efforts seemed to be for nothing. But, as the Obama presidency has rolled on, the Tea Party voice has surprisingly become even louder. The only problem is, I don't know who these people are. I know the Tea Party, I worked in the Tea Party...and this, sir, ain't no Tea Party.  It never fails. Anytime you start something based in fact and principal, it gets all warped the bigger the movement gets. Somehow, our campaign for true ECONOMIC and PERSONAL liberty has turned into a sideshow for racists, neo-cons, and religious zealots led by a mormon radio talk show host.

Now, the greatest thing about the tea party back in 2007 was that it did bring people together. All different political affiliations, religions, socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, races, etc...it didn't matter. We were all joined together based on one idea: personal liberty. Not liberty for people and ideas I agree with...liberty for everyone.

But now, I don't even feel welcome in the Tea Party anymore. It's so religion focused, that as an atheist I don't identify. I don't think believing a specific religious doctrine makes a person moral or good...I believe most humans are just inheritently "good" beings. I have rights because I am alive, not because a god or government gave them to me. I am all for the freedom of religion and a person's right to believe in what they want to believe in...but I wish those same considerations were given to me. Instead, christian morals and values have somehow woven their way into being synonymous with founding father principals...which is just absurd. And, anytime the Republicans start dabbling in social issues...we start hearing Pro-Life, Anti-Gay talk...which of course is the opposite of personal liberty.

So now, I must say goodbye to a movement that I so enthusiastically joined so many years ago. I will still be a libertarian, a Ron Paul supporter, and a fighter for the Campaign for Liberty...but, sadly, to the Tea Party I must bid you adieu.

EDIT: Now, of course, if the current Tea Partiers end up actually supporting Dr. Paul in 2012, well then I will be proven wrong...and I hope that will be the case.


  1. Oh mygosh- ditto. Made me give up on the one thing I had been passionate for in years. Why does everything always have to be about religion and calling someone else hitler

  2. You made me smile, wistfully. WONDERFUL post.

  3. Very well said. I no longer identify with the teaparty either. The media never allowed the grassroots' version of the teaparty to emerge. Most Americans have only been exposed to Fox News' insane brand of the teaparty and the left wing media's hysterical reaction to their staged insanity. Fox lines 'em up, MSNBC knocks 'em down.

    Most of the patriotic folks I know, who fall for this charade, are also very religious, and they're usually big Glenn Beck fans... I don't judge them, but I'm afraid they continue to fall victim to some of the oldest 'tricks' in the book...

  4. Dr. Paul cant fix our completely damaged society. Rand seems to be off the reservation already.

    We are spoiled children. I blame "the greatest generation" for this mess. Fuck those guys! "Im special!""your special!"


    People really dont care. They want stuff and to watch tv, thats it. The american dream.

  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    I agree that the Greatest Generation and Baby Boomers are to blame for a lot of our problems. The country went to hell on their watch!