A Personal Appeal From Ron Paul-You Can't Defeat the Message of Liberty!

Just Another Reason To Be Pissed at the Boomers.

I understand when older people get all bent out of shape when there is talk about changing Medicare or Social Security. The Boomers and their parents all based their financial lives on the promise of those programs taking care of them in their golden years. And, I don't think anyone disagrees that those 50 and older should not have their Medicare or Social Security touched.

What I don't understand, is why they would not want Gen X citizens (and those behind us) to have the opportunity to change the Medicare and Social Security system for our generation, or opt out of them all together. A Pew Research Poll recently revealed that current Boomers don't want ANY changes to Medicare...not for them, or anyone else! More details at Reason. What Boomers don't seem to understand, is that our generation already knows that Medicare & Social Security won't be there for us, and are making plans accordingly. But, if our current politicians look at these polls, and keep listening to the people that vote right now(the seniors), their influence is going to hinder any progress we can make right now in regards to our current economic woes and our future debt obligations.

Why is it that once a program is created, it NEVER sunsets? Previous generations can just pass legislation and financial obligations on to the future generations, and we get no say in whether or not it should continue? I just can't figure out why we are in so much debt.

Rockin' In the Free World

Libertarians Discussing the Impact of American Pop Culture...My Dream Come True!
Former MTV VJ's Kennedy and Kurt Loder, along with Reason's Matt Welch talk with John Stossel about the impact of American pop culture on our freedom and foreign relations.


The Constitution is not a Doormat!!

Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich tells it like it is today on the floor of the House. We must keep our government from putting our generation further into debt and sending us to fight in endless wars.


More Disappearing Brands

247_logo_first.JPG24/7 Wall St. has created a new list of brands that they predict will disappear within the next 18 months. They have a pretty decent record. Last year's list included T-Mobile and Blockbuster.

This new list includes a few surprises, including Sony and Saab. Looks like my Playstation is gonna be completely obsolete after all. Click on any of the logos to go to the full story.

President Obama Talks Afghanistan

As I listen to President Obama talk about the troops in Afghanistan tonight, I can't help but think about Candidate Obama in 2007. At this point, it is simply impossible to believe anything the man says.

It is clear, the only person who is going to bring an end to these wars is Ron Paul.


What is Legal Plunder?

The Philosophy of Liberty...made by the Foundation for a Free Society. This is how you teach economics and law.


Bilderberg Group Meeting in Switzerland

Since before we were born, this group has been meeting annually to discuss the fate of the world. The Bilderberg Group, consisting of various world political and business leaders, is meeting this weekend in Switzerland. InfoWars is reporting that Swiss officials are calling for the arrest of Henry Kissinger. More links and information about the meeting available at Drudge Report and InfoWars.

Gen X: Hope you love to work! At this rate, I will retire in 2058.

I don't really need to add much to this...it pretty much says it all. Click the picture for the full story.

Retire at 80?
Retire at 80? Gen X stuck in work force.


What if the Chinese Had Military Bases In America?

As a member of Generation X, I have lived with America's current foreign policy my whole life. Constant wars (cold, undeclared, or otherwise), the propping up of dictators, ridiculous amounts of foreign aid, the constant building of American military bases (we have over 900 around the world), and "NATO" actions have all been commonplace for someone like me.

However, like many in my generation, I do not agree with these policies. What if a country like China imposed on us what we do to others? The golden rule comes to mind here. I applaud my generation for looking at things not just from the "American" viewpoint, but also seeing things through the eyes of others.

If the world is going to improve, we must look to ourselves and our own actions first.