Just Another Reason To Be Pissed at the Boomers.

I understand when older people get all bent out of shape when there is talk about changing Medicare or Social Security. The Boomers and their parents all based their financial lives on the promise of those programs taking care of them in their golden years. And, I don't think anyone disagrees that those 50 and older should not have their Medicare or Social Security touched.

What I don't understand, is why they would not want Gen X citizens (and those behind us) to have the opportunity to change the Medicare and Social Security system for our generation, or opt out of them all together. A Pew Research Poll recently revealed that current Boomers don't want ANY changes to Medicare...not for them, or anyone else! More details at Reason. What Boomers don't seem to understand, is that our generation already knows that Medicare & Social Security won't be there for us, and are making plans accordingly. But, if our current politicians look at these polls, and keep listening to the people that vote right now(the seniors), their influence is going to hinder any progress we can make right now in regards to our current economic woes and our future debt obligations.

Why is it that once a program is created, it NEVER sunsets? Previous generations can just pass legislation and financial obligations on to the future generations, and we get no say in whether or not it should continue? I just can't figure out why we are in so much debt.

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