Generation X Goes To Washington-It's About Time

David S. Bernstein from the Boston Phoenix has written a piece called Gen X Goes to Washington, trying to decide if the majority of us are "Alex P. Keaton types" or "nihilistic cranks". And, more importantly, figuring out which group will make more of a political impact.

One thing I picked up on in this article, is the subtle resentment from older Gen X (those born in the late 60's, and who Mr. Bernstein identifies himself with) aimed towards the real "slackers" of Gen X...those of us born in the late 70's. He also has dubbed Sarah Palin the "patron saint" of our generation, which honestly made me throw up in my mouth a little.

I remember idolizing Alex P. Keaton growing up. I even have paid my respects with a picture of him featured on this site. I also remember identifying with his politics, until I grew up and realized I was really a Libertarian "Rand Paul" type.

Since our generation is so small, we have a tiny window of opportunity to make our political impact between the boomers and millenials. With our general cynicism towards government and authority, our general acceptance of alternative lifestyles, and freedom minded approach to life...I am hoping we will make our mark by reversing the government intrusion allowed by our boomer parents. Mr. Bernstein seems to believe the "nihilistic cranks" like myself won't get far, because we ultimately can't be bothered.

I really hope we prove him wrong.

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