The MPAA Allows Us to See Some Oral Sex: Blue Valentine Now Rated "R"

Blue Valentine, a new movie starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, originally received an NC-17 rating due to a scene featuring a blow job. Well, it turns out the MPAA (which is the organization that rates movies) has decided to change the rating to "R".

This whole situation reminded me of a movie I saw a couple of years ago. It was called This Film Is Not Yet Rated. Frankly, this movie is fascinating. It focuses on the history of the MPAA, the secrecy of the organization, and the censorship it consistently participates in. The MPAA and it's ratings system may be quite the violation of the first amendment. Their power to censor is ridiculous.

The entire film isn't available free online...you will have to rent it...but here are a couple clips.

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