My Paperback Revelation

I discovered something about myself today. I have spent the day working on my laptop, watching my HDTV, and playing with my Wii. Yes, I love technology. But, today as I watched a Kindle commercial, I realized I am not in love with all things electronic. I started thinking how much I don't like the digital reader concept. I get it. I understand why people like and want one. But, I just can't jump on the bandwagon.

I like paper.

I have a thing for the hard copy.

I don't know what it is about the feel and smell of books...but I can tell you that buying a brand new book makes me way more excited than downloading a file. I like having a library in my house, telling a story of my varied interests over my lifetime. My bookshelf showcases my love of sports, politics, comedy, movies, philosophy, and trivia. I love how you can tell just by looking at a book exactly how I felt about it. The more wear & tear...the more times I have read it. That's the best review or comment I can give.

As a member of Generation X, I have always felt sandwiched in-between the people who were scared of a  blinking clock on a VCR and the people who have three technical gadgets attached to them at all times. When I was little, I remember a life without cable, computers, cell phones and the internet. But, as an X'er, I have always happily embraced new technology, instead of being cynical or intimidated by it...like many boomers.

But now, with my rejection of digital books, I find myself at a strange point in my life. Does it mean I am old when I am no longer excited by all new technical gadgets? Is this my first step towards becoming the cranky old lady at the end of the block living with a plethora of cats?

I hope not. But, this anti e-reader stance I have taken does expose my age. How excited would I be about this product if I was a college student?  No more 50 pound bags to schlep around campus on your back (I bet this invention has hurt North Face backpack sales).

But, then again, with these digital readers and the internet...today's college students do miss out on all the fun things that can be done in your college library stacks.

I rest my case.

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