Obama is NOT a GEN X'er

After reading Suzi Parker's blog talking about how Obama is with Generation X, I had to respond.

First off, while I appreciate Ms. Parker checking the wikipedia Generation X entry (what seems to be the origin of her premise that some scholars point to 1961 as the beginning of Gen X and the reference to Rosemary's Baby), most people agree it's 1964 at the earliest. I personally don't consider someone who is almost 50 to be part of my generation. Sorry. That's almost my mom's age. She is a boomer and she was born in the late 50's. Obama could be my dad easier than he could be my older brother.  My mom has a blackberry, but that doesn't make her a part of Gen X.

Obama has way more characteristics of a boomer than an X'er. He was old enough to remember Watergate and vote in the 1980 election. He came of age in the recession filled 70's...not the booming 80's like X'ers.

I am ready for a true Generation X politician. One who represents our generation for what it really is. One who is for individual freedom (both economically and socially) and distrusting of government. Not someone who grows government to never before seen levels, unconstitutionally takes over failing private companies, and then leaves the bill for my generation and those coming after.


  1. You have made me think. I like what you are saying.

  2. Obama's a gen x-er my ass