Naomi Wolf, Jaclyn Friedman- Feminists Debate Rape & Julian Assange

I am willing to bet that Jaclyn Friedman will never get laid again...but that's just my opinion. Naomi Wolf, you are a true patriot.


  1. omg...wow. lol - her problem i think is that i don't think she's ever been laid. and that's made her very angry and kind of a hater of men. She's saying that I have to have consent for every single sex act. can i kiss you? yes. ok. can i touch your breast while i kiss you? yes. ok. can i unbutton your shirt...can i do this? can i do that? ahhh!!!! no wonder no one wants to sleep with her.

    and she's very rude, arrogant, and somewhat stuck up (trying to make a name for herself?)....kind of makes her ugly. :(

    I agree with naomi on this.

  2. I know, right?
    She has some issues. Who hasn't been in a relationship...sleeping in bed with someone...and he or she starts something and wakes you up? I don't consider that rape at all.
    She wants people to ask consent every step of the way...if that was the true "model" for consentual sex, we'd never get anything done!
    I completely agree with Naomi,too.