Self Reliance v. Helping Others...the American Philosophical War

As a libertarian, I tend to approach things on a philosophical level. It's just how I see the world. This approach tends to bother people during poltiical discussion. They will say things like "whether you agree with it or not, it has happened. So what things do you want to change about it or get rid of?" But I will respond with, "I don't care about the specifics of the Obamacare legislation, I am philosophically opposed to any kind of government intervention into health care." I feel like I'm attempting a college level discussion, but getting an 8th grade response. And, then I shut down and just smoke my Camel No. 9.

But seriously, it bothers me that we can't have true philosophical discussion in our society right now...because we are in a philosophical war in this country. The ultimate question is...am I ultimately only responsible for myself and my family? or Are we all responsible for each other? Do I keep my own earnings and belongings for the benefit of myself and my family? or Do I send all of my money to a central location so it can be dispersed "properly" back out among everyone else?

Nobody gave me any money to go to college. Should I be forced to have part of my tax dollars fund federal Pell Grants so others can go without paying themselves?

Nobody pays my medical bills for me. Should I be forced to have part of my tax dollars go to Medicaid so others can receive "free" health care?

I do not have kids. Should I be obligated to pay for the education of other people's children?

Nobody bailed me out. Should my tax dollars be used to rescue failed businesses?

We are at a crossroads in this country. We can either take the path of higher taxes, larger dependence on government programs, and re-distribution of wealth. Or, we can go down the road of more freedom and personal responsibility.

How much freedom do you want? What decisions do you want to make for yourself? What do you think you should be responsible for?

Do liberals and Democrats really believe the government funded life is a perfect life?

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