Johnny Depp: Gen X or Baby Boomer?

Many Gen X females fell in love with Johnny Depp when we saw him on 21 Jump Street, back in the early days of Fox. He instantly graced the covers of Teen Beat, Bop, and a plethora of other magazines...and those pics found their way to the bedroom walls of teenage girls across the country. However, a post on greencelebrity.net asks the question: Is Johnny Depp really a Gen X'er, or is he (gasp) a Baby Boomer?

He was born in 1963, a year many see as a "generational cusp". However, it's difficult to accept the fact that he's not really one of us...Anyone who was alive when Kennedy was shot (no matter how young they were) can't really be defined as Gen X...at least not in my opinion. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter. I think I just needed a reason to post the pilot episode of 21 Jump Street.


  1. Many baby boomers will not be willing to give up the money, the power, and the prestige. The word "retirement” is a bad word, and baby boomers don’t like to see themselves as retired. They want to see themselves as involved, as very energetic, and very engaged in life.

  2. Agreed....

    1. Retirement kills. Old people should continue to be a part of society and engaged in life. I have an older man in my office who is in his mid-70s, he works part time and we're glad to have a knowledgeable elder among us. The human race would never have survived without our elders.

  3. Sweetie, you're wrong. I am the same age as Johnny, and was born in December so I was literally in utero when the President was shot. I do not in any way shape or form consider myself a boomer. In fact, my parents were boomers! Think about this: Boomers did not grow up playing video games, were not kids when Star Wars came out, and most importantly, were NOT teenagers or in high school or college in the 1980s. Also, they actually do remember Kennedy getting shot. Do you think Johnny Depp remembers Kennedy getting shot? He was in diapers. He is a leading edge Gen-X as am I. We grew up in the 1970s and 1980s. Co'mon!