This Great Recession Was Not A Surprise

The FED. Monetary policy. Inflation. Housing Bubbles. The Recession (which began in Dec. 2007). The devalued dollar. A costly foreign policy.

Back during the 2008 Presidential race, only one candidate was talking about these things:

Ron Paul.

He was laughed at by other candidates. He was dismissed by the media. His supporters were called crazy.
But, just think of what things would be like right now in 2010 if everyone would've listened to us libertarian lunatics. But, people were too busy watching the Dow climb to 14,000 and flipping houses for thousands of dollars in profits.

This Great Recession was not a surprise. Watch these video clips from the Republican Presidential debates back in 2008. Ron Paul knew where we were then...and what was coming. Why? Because he understands monetary policy and free market economics. Please ignore the fact that Glenn Beck is in the first clip...that was from CNN in 2007. He wasn't the "Glenn Beck of Fox News".

Luckily, there is a chance he may run again in 2012. For those of us who supported him in 2008, we must show people this video. Send it to everyone you know. People are waking up, and they need to know we have the chance to elect someone who can lead us out of this mess...because he knew it was going to happen. The push for 2012 starts now.

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