I Laughed So Hard, It Hurts

Drew Carey has announced that he will be starring in a new improv show on GSN next spring. The episodes will be shot in Las Vegas in January and February. That's all I know for now. Not sure about the cast yet, but hopefully we will see some of our favorites! Due to this fantastic news, I wanted to update and re-post these great clips from Green Screen.


I will soon be posting about my love for the new version of the Price is Right. But until then, I wanted to post clips from Drew Carey's Green Screen Show (the ultimate show for stoners...is how Drew describes it) that aired on the WB a few years ago.

They star the current TPIR host Drew Carey and announcers Jeff Davis and Brad Sherwood. Judging from these clips, Jeff Davis is pretty much the funniest person on the planet.

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