All I Need to Know I Learned From Television

A friend of mine from high school wrote this this post on his blog...I wish I could take credit for it...click the link below to jump to the entire post.

the world don't move to the beat of just one drum. what might be right for you might not be right for some. and to confirm this, here are the underlying concepts of several past and present television shows and networks.

the A-team: jumping out of an exploding building or vehicle will always prevent injury, all gunmen have terrible aim and the only way to get mr. T on a plane is to feed him quiche.

blossom: hideaous wardrobes and heavy-handed social messages are a great way to hide a lack of personality. also, tony danza does not have dominion over the word "whoa".

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  1. Good thing you spent all that money on college then

  2. Yes. I am starting to think college is a lame idea...i could have still smoked lots of pot and had lots of sex, just not paid 40grand to do it. But, then I wouldn't have met my roommate!