Sundance Film Festival 2011-Day One

OK. I was planning on seeing movies today...but it was impossible. Thousands of people, inches of snowfall, and too many premieres...so my friend Amy and I spent the day walking around and checking things out. But, no worries, I will be in the theater for Red State Monday morning at 8 am!!! Until my first review is written, here are a list of things I learned today and some pics.

#1 Don't bring your baby to a film festival. Especially one that takes place in a mountain town with 2 feet of snow on the ground. Hint: people don't want to accomodate your stroller on the shuttle bus. We are all way too close to begin with. Baby accessories do not help.

#2 Lighting up a cigarette will ensure that your shuttle bus will show up within 60 seconds.

#3 James Franco is awesome. He created an art installation at the New Frontier exhibit called "Three's Company: The Drama". As Amy and I sat on the re-created Three's Company set, we watched James Franco examine the narrative and characters of the pilot episode. I wish I could explain it better, but you just had to be there.

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