Finally, A Real Win for Women in Reality TV

Last night, after 17 seasons, an all-female team finally won the Amazing Race. Dr. Nat Strand and Dr. Kat Chang were the first duo to cross the finish line after they raced 10 other teams around the world. Amazingly, the team to come in second was also an all female duo...home shopping hosts Brooke Roberts and Claire Champlin.

Nat & Kat-Amazing Race Winners

Brooke & Claire, 2nd place
If you have never watched the Amazing Race, you are missing out. It is, by far, the best reality show on television. Teams have to be smart and get a little lucky to win the million dollar prize. This show isn't about being the most outrageous personality or using it as a launching pad to D-list celebrity stardom. This is a true race, forcing the team who wins to use every skill they have, face their fears, and test their relationships as they travel thousands of miles to foreign countries. They faced challenges that may have caused some embarrasment, but ultimately their perserverance paid off. But, you ask, why is this a big deal?

(I had to show this again...it's really funny)

The Amazing Race was a refreshing look at intelligent, savvy women who worked together, had fun and ended up as the top two teams of the season. Why is this a nice change? Because, for nearly a decade, women on reality TV have been busy making fools of themselves. Let's go down the list. Shows like the Bachelor, the Bachelorette, The Bad Girls Club, The Jersey Shore, Bridezillas, Real Housewives, Rock of Love, For the Love of Ray J, etc... (actually, I could list quite a few more, but you get the picture) have perpetuated the idea that women had to be bitches, sluts, golddiggers, plastic surgery addicts, or just plain stupid and uneducated to achieve "success" in the reality tv genre.

So, kudos to these strong, amazing women. It makes me happy to see them on TV, making the ladies look good. And, keep in mind, Brooke & Claire will be returning in January for the next season of the Amazing Race...it's a "second chance" season. Good luck ladies!


  1. I have never seen The Amazine Race, but I am seriously freaked out that it has had 17 seasons! How is that possible???

  2. They do 2 seasons a year like survivor...so it's been on the air for 9 years. Still crazy!! Time Flies.