Excuse You, Megan McArdle

"Republicans stashed him (Ron Paul) in this job because they don't want him making more important decisions. He cares passionately about monetary policy, which most Republicans don't care about. But when you look at his speeches, he doesn't understand anything about monetary policy. He might actually understand it less than the average member of Congress. My personal opinion is that he wastes all of his time on the House Financial Services Committee ranting crazily."

Megan McArdle, libertarian blogger and economics editor of the Atlantic

This quote appeared in a recent Slate.com article about Congressman Ron Paul. The "libertarian" source for their story said the above quote.

There is no possible way this woman is a libertarian...or, she has no eyes or ears. I take issue with her absolute disrespect. Watch this video from CNBC today and tell me this man doesn't know about monetary policy. I challenge you to find one other person in Congress that could talk in this much depth about monetary issues. Also, you may want to take a look at a post I wrote a few days ago The Great Recession Was Not a Surprise. My personal opinion is that you, Ms. McArdle, waste your time ranting crazily about someone you apparently know nothing about.

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