What is With Children's Television "Programming" These Days? I want real Kids TV shows...crayon factories, pinball counts to 12, ladybug picnics, and Mr. Rogers.

Ok, so Dora the Explorer, Handy Manny, Bob the Builder, and Spongebob Squarepants are pretty cool. But, everything else out there in the world of  so-called "kids entertainment" often quite scares me. It's just weird. Some of the stuff is so strange, Joel McHale on The Soup has a segment called "What the Kids are Watching"...hint: it's never good. In fact, the clips are so odd, The Soup staff has quite a good time making fun of them. So, I will pass on "Yo Gabba Whatever" and "XuXu this and that" when it comes to entertainment for the little ones in my life.

This is what the great "Aunt Sissy" has to share with the niece and nephew. To this day, I time things out by singing the Ladybugs Picnic song. It's a perfect minute.

OH...and one more thing...I had to add this...a staple of my Saturday mornings.

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