Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Bulimia Battle in New Book

One of my favorite child stars--Candace Cameron Bure (A.K.A. DJ Tanner)--had a tough gig. She had to go through puberty in front of the whole nation. Being the same age as her, I can remember the weight gain, the acne, the bad hair of the early 90's...and can't imagine there being video documentation of that time in my life being re-run every day somewhere in the world.

Luckily, this beautiful Gen X'er made her way through those times. However, she reveals in her new book Reshaping It All that she didn't make it through without any scars. She ended up battling bulimia in her late teens. The book is available now, and People Magazine will be featuring her story in their January 17th issue...available next week.

Candace Cameron as DJ Tanner on Full House circa 1992

Candace Cameron Bure

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